Original Family Owner

About this car: 

My father got the bug for a sports car around the time he was 38 years old.   He was thinking about a Corvette or a Porsche.   He stayed in the Air Force reserves and rode home in a Volkswagen from a base in Texas to southern California in the blazing heat of summer, and the VW never skipped a beat.  That was it, he decided to get a Porsche.  He had my aunt who at the time was working for the U.S. Government in Saudi Arabia order the car through a dealer there.  She was able to get a good price on it.

​She picked the car up at the factory in Stuttgart and drove it to a port in Germany and it was shipped to Long Beach.  My uncle searched through a box of keys and found the car and drove it home.  It has been in the family since.

It has 67000 miles on it now and has never had the case split.  I drive it as much as I can to rallys, car shows, and just for fun.