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July 2015 DesigNr

Early-mid 60s Working Blaupunkt Bremen ATR Radio

Blaupunkt Bremen ATR, S/N U187792 factory accessory radio for a 1963 or 1964 Porsche 356C 356-C and many Mercedes, BMW, and VW. This radio had been stored since 1980, not sure of the condition I found a local electronics/radio repair place that had been in business for 35+ years and still had the same tech who repaired/serviced them in the 70s. He checked the radio out, cleaned the switches and controls and replaced a bulb and capacitor and it is good to go (working). See the attached receipt documenting the repair and functionality.

Missing the knobs but has the faceplate and in very good condition, from the serial number this radio would have been in a 1963 or 1964 Porsche 356, VW bug, bus, or ghia as a factory accessory item. 6 or 12 volt (presently set to 12 volts). - Tested and works great on its AM band, received about 20 AM stations across the band, with typical AM sound quality. The dial needle moves freely across the dial face. The "ivory" buttons push exactly as they should. - The "M" button is AM, The "L" button is for "longwave" (on which people sometimes pick up international longwave stations from Europe, Australia, etc.).

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23/07/2015 (2 weeks)

New Porsche 356C 912 86mm Big Bore Pistons Cylinders

New set of AA Big Bore 86mm Porsche 356/912 pistons and cylinders (same one Pelican Parts sells for $627! http://www.pelicanparts.com/catalog/SuperCat/356M/POR_356M_ENGPIS_pg1.htm) . It fits Porsche 356; C, SC, Super 90, 1963-66 & Porsche 912; 1965 and Up with the 3 piece Case. The Cylinders are cast iron with Graphite Coated Hypereutectic pistons with the 30° Angle, valve pockets, and the 22mm Pin. This kit requires no machine work, when installing in factory Porsche case & heads. Specs below.

I can get a few others things for 356/912s including other piston/cylinder kits, forged cranks, rods, luggage racks, and headlight stone guards, contact me for pricing.

1964 Era Blaupunkt Bremen ATR radio, working

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23/07/2015 (2 weeks)

Prof rebuilt Italian 40 IDFs 356 912 manifolds linkage

Pair of early style (cam/linkage accelerator pump not threaded rod) Italian 40 IDFs rebuilt by a master in Italy (yes, the same one as on e bay). Carbs are thoroughly disassembled, cleaned, rebuilt, air bypass screws unseized, and even run on flow bench to balance the 2 barrels. I have had many sets of carbs rebuilt in Italy and the work is fantastic. Perfect for your 356 or 912 and comes with brand new CB Performance manifolds and linkage/adapter arms so you can use your stock linkage. Note main jet stacks not shown in picture but come with the carbs. If interested I have rebuilt Dellorto 36 DRLAs or 40 DRLAs for a little more.
356 A B C
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20/07/2015 (1 week)
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European Collectibles - Jeff Trask

European Collectibles    www.europeancollectibles.com


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European Collectibles - Jeff Trask

European Collectibles  www.europeancollectibles.com

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Bill's Cab

Purchased in 1989 from the son of the original owner.  Nut and bolt restoration took 5 years, spread over 10 due to an expat gig in Norway in the middle.  All numbers matching with original colors etc.  Only done about 8,000 miles since the restoration was complete in 2000, mainly due to 12 years of expat gig in China since then.  

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The Faux Cam

59 A cab purchased in Anchorage, Alaska from the elderly lawyer who had owned her since about 1980.  Not much rust, 60B super replacement motor from Stoddards supplied in 1982 to replace rod-thru-case original motor.  Decided I did not want to do a show car restoration so decided to create my version of a 59A GS Carrera.  See this thread on the Registry - http://forum.porsche356registry.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=27292&hilit=faux+cam. 

1962 Porsche engine 1600S, #704697 missing left "J" pipe and air cleaners, turns over by hand.

Last ran in 1991, engine was pulled from car and car was destroyed in fire. Contact Mike Fedak cell 253-691-5961 Sale pending
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13/07/2015 (6 days)
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The Passing of Tom Anderson of Carrera Motors

Bill Moore has reported that long-time Porsche enthusiast, Tom Andserson of Carrera Motors in Bend, has passed away. To read more of Tom's background and contributions please visit the website,  http://www.bendbulletin.com/obituaries/3091745-151/paul-thomas-tom-anderson


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