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1961 Porsche 356 normal engine

# 606461 non running engine turns over.  I've had it a few years and was going to get it running but priorities have changed.  Bought off the 356 registry from Rod Emory.  Zenith 32 NDIX carbs.  New belt, plugs, wires, carb rebuild kits.  For the full asking price I will also include a Zalex half ring starter bracket and 6v starter.  Case pieces are non matching.  I do not know the condition of the engine's internal parts.  More pictures available.  Price negotiable.
Time remaining: 55%

13/05/2017 (2 weeks)
Kevin Davis's picture

Kevin's Cab

My wife and I acquired our first 356 in December 2016 after a full 2 year restoration performed in California completed in November 2016. Originally from the east coast, where 64SC spent most of it's life and believed to be a 1 or 2 owner car, repainted black with black interior. We're still looking into its complete history and hope to learn more. The restoration included a complete engine rebuilt to stock specifications, transmission, suspension, 4 wheel disk brakes, all electrical and retained the original door panels, wheels, all numbers matching, 6 volt system SC cabriolet.

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Formerly cared for by Mike Grabowski and Rick Danielson. Now my wife and I will continue maintaining and enjoying this special 356 Outlaw. 

Sweet Super 90

I've owned this car since 2002. I bought it from the 4th owner in Seattle and at the time moved it to our home in Vancouver, Wa. We've been in Gig Harbor now almost 10 years. I'd love to know more about the cars history. S/N 120010, engine S/N 805391 . The prior owner was a Mr. Jim Compton who at the time worked in the Seattle City government, who I've now learned sadly passed in 2014. The owner prior to that was a Mr. Bruce Bartee who apparently owned this car in So. Cal. then moved it up to the Bellingham area. Restored in the 80's?

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1962 Notchback is not a Coupe

TheRhys's picture


Our first 356.  1964 356 named Homer.  This car lived in Cali for the start of its life, then went to Homer Alaska, and finally lived outside Hood River Oregon until moving to our garage in Gig Harbor.  Working on fixing the car up now, look for us soon! 

Original Family Owner

My father got the bug for a sports car around the time he was 38 years old.   He was thinking about a Corvette or a Porsche.   He stayed in the Air Force reserves and rode home in a Volkswagen from a base in Texas to southern California in the blazing heat of summer, and the VW never skipped a beat.  That was it, he decided to get a Porsche.  He had my aunt who at the time was working for the U.S. Government in Saudi Arabia order the car through a dealer there.  She was able to get a good price on it.

Real and Replica


Dolphin Grey

Chris & Elissa's Speedster

I found the car online being sold in Toronto in a private sale. It had some modifications and upkeep done by The Guild Auto Restoration garage in Toronto, and was put up for sale. The car originally came out of Vintage Speedsters of California and was built as an authentic reproduction in 2004.


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